Roof help gives us security to live our lives from the ravages of the weather and keep the cold insect filled night out. There are times though that we need our roof repaired or changed altogether. A broken or dilapidated roof could pose a lot of problems to any property owners. There is the fact that use cases for flash loans your bad roof could mean life and death as it could collapse on you. It could also develop mold that could be bad for your health.   

It could raise your bills through the roof and that is another problem you don’t want on your plate especially in this kind of economy. If you need your roof top bitcoin mixer changed or just a good old roof repair Arlington would be a good start for looking for a great company that would get the job done without all the hassles and frazzles.  


So here are some of the different types of roof available in the market. Basically roof type are split into three categories. Roof styles, roof material and roof pitch, we’ll get into the details down below. So you can find the perfect roof for you and your home.   

Roof Styles   

  • Gable roof – this kind of roof look like an upside down V. This is not recommended for areas with high winds because they can easily catch the wind and fly off. Discover more information. 
  • Flat roof – From the name itself it is the easiest roof to build because it’s just flat. This is common in commercial buildings.  
  • Hip roof- is complicated residential roofing, it can be a square or a rectangle. This has four sloping sides with zero vertical roof lines.  
  • Gambrel roof- also known as barn roof. It creates a large space below it that you can actually have another room that could be a spare bedroom in the house. 
  •  A Frame roof -The roof that is most commonly seen in churches or cottages. As the roof also acts as the walls for the house or structure.  

Roof Materials – should be given consideration because some may be more common in some areas and some not; sloa some materials are ideal to some pitches or slopes.  

  • Asphalt Shingles – This is the most common steep residential roofing in the United States.  
  • Wood Shingles- They give a rustic look to the structure but they do need more maintenance than more modern shingles out there.  
  • Metal -Another common roofing material used. It could be made out of zinc, steel, copper, tin and aluminum. 
  • Tile – It is more expensive than any other materials used in roofs (click here). Clay tiles are the most used and most well-known however there are also other tiles materials such as metal, concrete and other synthetic made stuff.  

Roof Pitch : also known as slope of the roof. It is a critical deciding factor for the style of roof you’ll be having. As you’ll need to consider the weather durability, maintenance, difficulty of construction and space.  

  • Low Slope – anything from 4:12 to a 2:12 pitch  
  • Flat Roof – basically anything under 2:12 pitch  
  • Steep Slope – Anything 4:12 to 21:12 pitch