It is very necessary that you have to take good care of your computers of laptops even while you’re working well.  If you will follow these processes it will make sure that your computer or laptops will stay longer and be very useful for a long time. As you wouldn’t need help for a repairman to fix it.  Computers are used for different purposes like digital marketing company, web design and even other things to create online. That is why it is very important to take good care of your things especially if you are using it to make money or it is part of your job to use it.  


PUT LIQUIDS AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER OR LAPTOPS: When you are very tired or thirsty it is very easy and common for us to drink coffee or even juice and sometimes tea in from of our computer and sometimes we don’t notice that we put too close our coffee or juice t our computer or laptop. And it is very far from our mind that there is a possibility that we spill our coffee, juice or even other liquids to our computers or laptops. If this one happened, there is a possibility that is can destroy or the internal components of your computer or laptop wont function well or even worst you need to bring it to the repair shop to be repaired which will be a bit costly to you (try our service). So, if you don’t like this to happen to you, you have to put your cups or glasses away from your computer or laptop.   

INSTALL ANTIVIRUS APPLICATION: This is the best way to defend your computer or laptops form harmful websites or even viruses online. Your computer or laptop is at risk every time that you open a website. So, the best way to get away from this kind of problem is to install one antivirus to your computers.   

PUT AWAY YOUR FOOD FROM YOUR COMPUTERS OR LAPTOPS: Drinks can be very dangerous once it was spilled to your computer. As well to this, you should eat over your laptops. The debris and small pieces of the food can fall in between of your keyboards or laptops. This will cause bugs or ants or other small organisms to destroy the system of your computer or laptops.

GET AWAY FROM AIIMALS: It doesn’t mean that you have to remove your pet inside or where you work or using the computer. It is just a very mindful reminder for everyone to not be so near to animals while using your laptops or computers as they may chew the wires of your computers or laptops. The fur or hair of the animals can also be stuck in between of the keyboards and may affect the performance of your laptops or computers.   

PROTECT THE MONITOR OR SCREEN OF YOUR COMPUTER AND LAPTOPS: It is ideal to keep away your screen of laptops from dusts.